What to Expect

What to expect from Educational Therapy sessions:

  • The presence of a safe (and fun!) environment where the client feels safe and comfortable to take risks associated with learning.  This is based on a relaxed, supportive, therapeutic relationship between the client/client’s family and therapist.
  • Consideration of the client’s diverse academic, intellectual, and socioemotional needs
  • Strengthening the skills that are causing the client difficulty in order to improve independent and effective learning using research-based programs
  • Helping parents understand appropriate client expectations
  • Identifying and utilizing appropriate compensatory strategies, including assistive technology when necessary, to promote the client’s success in the classroom environment
  • Utilization of mindfulness techniques to decrease anxiety and/or increase focus
  • Understanding the client’s learning issues in relation to the client’s context, including the home, school, community, and culture
  • Demystification of the client’s learning disability/learning difference(s), including an understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Assisting the client to effectively use necessary self-advocacy skills
  • Collaboration with child’s parents, teacher(s), and other professionals involved with the client such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and developmental optometrists
  • Referral to outside professionals if needed
  • Helping parents navigate the request for assessment process in public schools
  • Respect for issues of confidentiality
  • Frequent and open communication between therapist and parent; therapy is most effective when parents are included in the skills and strategies taught during sessions

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